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Buckwheat Pillows Vs Memory Foam Pillows

The other day I checked out a memory foam type pillow website. They had all kinds of different styles and shapes. At first glance I thought, “How can a simple buckwheat pillow compete with all this?”.

Then it dawned on me. With all that confusing variety of shapes, styles, and firmness choices, how can they possibly compete against a buckwheat pillow that solves every sleeping pillow problem with just one relatively inexpensive pillow? They would need ten or more different pillows to replace one buckwheat pillow.

They had pillows with each side having a different firmness, pillows with a different height of neck roll on opposite edges, pillows for people who sleep on their sides, and pillows with different size oval contours on each edge for different size necks. The choices made me dizzy. I would have to take a half dozen pillows to bed with me.

I guess those ancient people who lived two or three thousand years ago who first started using buckwheat pillows were far more advanced than some  people are today in regard to the KISS (keep it simple stupid) formulae.

You know, I bought one of those things once (a memory foam pillow). I lost track of it years ago, after spending one restless night trying to sleep on it. But I sure know where my buckwheat pillow is that I’ve been sleeping on, oh so comfortably, for the last fifteen years.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I love my buckwheat pillow. You’ll love yours too. I guarantee it.

Posted by woodstar  (February 10, 2009)

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